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tutorial #2

Tutorial №2

md-ra base >>
(requested by tor_na_do on my thread over at icon_talk)
I can't really recall the thought process since I made this icon over a year ago, but I did keep the psd yay!

I started off with this cap and cropped it down like so:

I duplicated the base thrice and set all three layers to Screen. Then duplicated the base one more time, dragged that layer on top of the Screen ones and set it to Soft Light. This is usually how I brighten up my screencaps, when I don't feel like adding a Curves layer.
md-ra 1

Add a Hue/Saturation layer set to +14. Now create a new Color Fill layer with a red/brownish color (#9b614f) and set it to Soft Light at 26% fill.
md-ra 2> md-ra 3
Hue/Saturation > Colour Fill

Add a Curves layer (150; 97). Don't worry if it looks a bit too bright!
md-ra 4

Add a Vibrance layer at 100% vibrance and set it to Color.
md-ra 5

Since the icon is too yellow I added a new Selective Color layer and played around with the Reds and Yellows.
Reds: Cyan -15%; Magenta +10%; Yellow +16%
Yellows: Cyan +100%; Yellow -100%
md-ra 6

We're almost done! Add this texture, which I am fully convinced I smudged the hell out of (but I'm not exactly sure, so if anyone recognizes it, please let me know so I can add credit) and set it to Soft Light. Duplicate the base and drag that layer to the top and set it to Soft Light at 44% fill to add contrast and color.
md-ra 7> md-ra 8

And now Copy Merge (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E), sharpen, set to 30% opacity and you're done!

It's a pretty simple icon, you gotta admit. My thread is still open (I think?) so if anyone has any questions/requests leave them there. Any questions regarding this tutorial (I am pretty bad at explaining stuff, it's true) please leave them here.
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